Eye Am r.Evolving

Eye Am r.Evolving


Torus (As Above, So Below)

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A torus is a three dimensional donut-shaped geometric model for energy fields; a dynamic closed, self-sustaining system. Energy flows freely in all directions, with an emphasis on an ascending and descending spiraling flow of energy. At the very center of the torus is a singularity, a zero point of limitless potential and generative reorganization and stabilization. 

At the root of all forms in our universe is a torus. It is the underlying structure of every atom, molecule, cell, crystal, plant, animal, human, planet, solar system, and galaxy. Each torus is nested within and integrated into another, more encompassing torus. 

The human torus connects to larger tori in the same way that the tori of human cells or molecules connect to the larger human torus. It is in turn part of the Earth which connects to the universal torus. All tori are connected to Source energy. 

100% Cotton. Fair Trade. Made in California. Hand printed with love on high quality garments.