People want proof to believe in something;
when you believe in yourself, you are the proof.
— Eye Am

PROOF (pro͞of/) noun

evidence establishing a fact or the truth of a statement; "proof of identity"

synonyms: verificationcorroboration, authentication, confirmation, certification, validation, substantiation


Eye Am Living Proof is a brand that inspires a deeper knowing and honoring of oneself. In this process, we gradually discover our connections to the universe through our revelations & synchronicities. As we continue to seek truth, wisdom, growth, and enlightenment, our focus is enhancing life, our planet, the entire cosmos. We are living proof of the evolution of love & manifesting a positive shift in awareness. Thankh you for resonating with my vision. Eye am thankful we stumbled across each other in our journeys. Much Love, Peace, & Blessings.


Eye Am Living Proof apparel is wearable inspiration. Designs are made by channeling creative energy while infusing good vibes into every garment. Each product is a reminder for all of us to feel empowered by choosing love. Currently, the shop includes high quality American Apparel tees for Kings & Queens, embellished with sacred symbols and positive messages. Also, there is a selection of leggings for women. Unisex Track Jackets and Zip Hoodies are now available. 


Our gemstone pendants are aesthetically pleasing round medallions, functional healing jewelry, semi-precious stones arranged into mandala designs and sacred symbols set in sterling silver. 

Sacred Geometry is found everywhere is nature and throughout the Cosmos, from the microscopic to the celestial. Sacred Geometry reflects the ancient idea that the Universe is created according to geometric patterns and principles. It is the study of the Oneness of Creation.

As I fully embody my Truth, it is SELF-explanatory because Eye Am Living Proof.
— Row




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