6th Dimension Amulet

6th Dimension Amulet


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Size: Large 1⅝ inch

Gemstone: Black Tourmaline

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

*Silver Rope Chain is Optional*

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925 Sterling Silver Rope Chain
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Sixth Dimensional Consciousness is Oneness with the Sparks of God within all Souls and all life ever created by God, The All That Is, everywhere. It is the state where any can seek and find and know the absolute illumined Truth of anything upon which they wish to focus their attention.  It is the space where divine Unconditional Love for all divine souls and all life ever created by God is part of the natural ambiance.  And it is the space in which the divine Cosmic Power of God, the All That Is, is available for those in Oneness to create Peace, Truth, Love, Harmony, Abundance, and Perfection here on Earth.

Gemstone: Black Tourmaline

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This unique pendant sparkles more than the camera can capture and you will receive many compliments wearing this piece. Our pendants are aesthetically pleasing round medallions, functional healing jewelry, semi-precious stones arranged into mandala designs and sacred symbols set in sterling silver. 

Note: it is recommended NOT to swim or shower with your pendant.