Solid Sterling Silver Metatron's Cube

Solid Sterling Silver Metatron's Cube

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Size: 1½ inch

Metal: Solid 925 Sterling Silver

*Silver Rope Chain is Optional*

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Symbol Meaning: Metatron's Cube is derived from the Fruit of Life, which are 13 circles concealed in the ancient Flower of Life found inscribed on the walls of the Osirion temple at Abydos, Egypt and throughout many ancient cultures. The centers of each of these 13 circles are then all connected to each other to form Metatron’s Cube and it is from this pattern that all of the “Platonic Solids” can be formed which are the building blocks of all life.

Properties of Sterling Silver:

  • can be used to enhance one’s psychic abilities

  • removes and releases negativity

  • bring patience and perseverance to the wearer

  • associated with moon energy; reflection