Clear Quartz Metatron's Cube + Flower of Life Necklace

Clear Quartz Metatron's Cube + Flower of Life Necklace


Stainless Steel Metatron’s Cube over Gold Flower of Life set in Clear Quartz crystal.

Size: 2 inch

Necklace: 24” Gold Plated Snake Chain (2mm wide)

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Symbol Meaning: The Flower of Life is a sacred geometric symbol composed of multiple overlapping circles with 6 fold symmetry. It is considered to be sacred among many cultures, both ancient and modern, and can be found around the world (Egypt, China, Japan, India, Turkey, Armenia, Italy, Spain). Many other symbols derive from the Flower of Life which provide further insight into the fundamental workings of energy and the universe. The Flower of Life can be used as a metaphor to illustrate the connectedness of all life and the one spirit within the universe.

Gemstone: Clear quartz is highly prized for its ability to clear the mind of negativity to enhance higher spiritual receptiveness. It is considered the master of all healing crystals due to its ability to magnify or amplify healing vibrations of other crystals.

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