Eye Keep it Lit

Eye Keep it Lit


Available Colors:

  • White Shirt/Black Design (embellished with 1 Swarovski Crystal in the EYE)

  • Black Shirt/Glow in the Dark (gray)

  • Black Shirt/White Design


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100% Cotton - Fair Trade 

'Eye Keep it Lit' is a design that inspires us to stay motivated to seek knowledge and keep our neurons firing with intentions to spread the light!

Pac told us he may not change the world,

but would spark the mind that will

brainstorming a perfect storm,

something that Eye can feel

the brain is like a muscle

gotta get them reps in

so Eye keep it lit

finding answers to my questions

that keep me up at night in the dark

Eye am the light, so the bulb Eye constantly spark

like a chandelier, my ideas going through the roof

making the world appear, Eye Am Living Proof