Eye Am Cosmic©

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the soul must come from the cosmos. I marvel at the resemblance of an eye to a galaxy with a black hole in the middle that draws in all the light. Here I have captured the left eye, which is controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain, associated with creativity, intuition, and emotions.


I am deeply inspired by nature and all of it's glory. I am particularly fascinated by flowers and plants. They are beautiful miracles that we witness in slow motion as they represent the diversity and cycle of life. Take a moment everyday to appreciate nature in your vicinity; it is one of the simplest ways to raise your vibration.

Mount Shasta, CA - June 2015

My second trip to Mt. Shasta was just as magical as the first (exactly one year prior). Beautiful vibes and sceneries complement the spiritual transformation taking place. The flow of the vortex energy guided us to synchronicities and the perfect sequence of events that made our trip amazingly memorable. We drank fresh mountain spring water and made deep connections with nature during our hike. We walked on train tracks for 30min to reach Mossbrae Falls. The moment we stepped off the tracks as we approached the waterfalls, we heard the train coming.