5 Things for a Positive + Life!

1. VIBRATION - be mindful of your thoughts & feelings

2. HEALTH - the health of the body determines our quality of life

3. DETACHMENT - don't let your energy stay in one place, detach from negativity 

4. MEDITATION - focusing on the present moment often brings peace and clarity of mind

5. "YOU TIME" - honor your needs, put yourself first

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Self-Talk & Communication

I was inspired to make this video upon waking one morning. My spirit was wide awake and ready to share some wisdom. I had intentions to remake it so I look more presentable but I honestly felt that I articulated the message well :) Sound is a direct and immediate form of manifestation, so it is super important to be conscious of what we say to ourselves and others. 

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Living Proof: The Law of Attraction

I have been using the Law of Attraction (also called the Law of Cause & Effect) for several years, ever since watching the documentary The Secret. Since then, I have discovered the most effective techniques and patterns of thoughts/emotions that produce the quickest results. Enjoy my first VLOG which gives you 3 awesome examples of things I instantly manifested! Every detail shows how the LOA is always in action. Be empowered by your ability to LOVE, express gratitude, and experience Life in the present moment! Feel free to share your experiences or any suggestions you may have! Much Love & Light :)

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