Meditation is a powerful tool for relaxation, healing, manifesting, and raising vibrations. There are many scientifically proven benefits, including better mood, reduced anxiety, improved brain function, stronger immunity, enhanced creativity, better sleep, and so much more. Enjoy the following meditations as you practice shifting your awareness inward.


1) Choose a calm, quiet environment, either in your home or nature. Get in a comfortable sitting position. Relax your muscles.

2) Breathe deeply. Mentally follow the movement of air as you breathe. 

3) Place your awareness on your heart; listen to its rhythm. 

4) Ground yourself to Earth's energy to balance your physical and spiritual energy. You can visualize that you are rooted into the soil like a tree or imagine a white light moving from your head to your feet and then anchoring into the ground.

Chakra Opening Exercise:

1  Root (Earth)- Deals with Survival

Blocked by fear. Become aware of your fears, face them, and let them flow down the river. Release fear

2  Sacral (Water) - Deals with Pleasure

Blocked by guilt. Become aware of any thoughts or events from your past that make you feel guilt and let them flow down the river. Release guilt.

3 ️ Solar Plexus (Fire) - Deals with Will Power

Blocked by shame. Become aware of any thoughts or events from your past that make you feel shame and let them flow down the river. Release shame.

4  Heart (Air) - Deals with Love & Compassion

Blocked by grief. Become aware of any thoughts or events from your past that make you feel grief and let them flow down the river. Release grief.

5  Throat (Sound) - Deals with Truth & Expression

Blocked by lies. Become aware of any lies (the ones you tell yourself) let them flow down the river. Release grief.

6  Third Eye (Light) - Deals with Insight

Blocked by illusions. Become aware of any illusions in your life let them flow down the river. Release illusions (For example, the idea of separation is an illusion. Everything is connected)

7  Crown (Thought) - Deals with Divine Consciousness

Blocked by earthly attachments. Become aware of any attachments you have and let them flow down the river. Release earthly attachments 


DNA Activation Guided Meditation 

Coming Soon

Activated DNA can strengthen your immune system, making cells able to heal more quickly. Cells that heal more quickly have a greater capacity to communicate with each other, leading to greater creativity. DNA activation can also open one to their inner sight and improve internal communication with the multidimensional self. 

Heart Chakra Guided Mediation

Just below the heart chakra is a small lotus of eight petals, within which is the celestial wishing tree - the Kalpataru. This tree is said to hold the deepest wishes of the heart - not what we think we want, but the deeper longing of the soul within. It is believed that when we truly wish upon this tree, and release those wishes, the Kalpataru bestows even more than is desired, leading to freedom. (A note of caution for this exercise: be careful what you ask for -- you may get it.) - 5 MINUTES


channeled and written by Row on 10/25/15, 15:50 after a meditation

I feel my true essence in every unit of my being vibrating with the love of who eye am and what eye see receives love. As my vision extends across the universe, source energy transmits love everywhere through my Eye Am vessel. Eye am love. Love is my name. The energy of love is conceptualized into words symbols sounds feeling etc which are restricting what it is. You can't quantify love in four letters or in a momentary recognition of the feeling. I let the mystery of love amplify its power as I focus on it in ways where it can reveal itself to me further. I openly accept and receive the blessings as I concentrate love in my awareness; it saturates my consciousness. The high vibrational qualities of love protect me and empower me in the way that nothing can penetrate my energy field that does not meet my vibrational standards. As a vibrational interpreter, my intuition strengthens as I supply and maximize my potential in each conscious moment. I affirm all that I already know.